About All CAPZ Consulting (ACC)
As a family and woman owned local business, All CAPZ Consulting (ACC) are dedicated to working alongside other locally owned businesses and nonprofit agencies.  

Our Mission

We are here to work alongside and empower you to take hold of your marketing potential. The best thing about social media is it levels the playing field. The Facebook used by the largest corporate brands, is the same Facebook you have access to. We will help you capitalize on that.
By working towards this mission, our goal is to help elevate and expand your business. This is accomplished by plain talking and truthful explanations about the use of social media.
We will never lie to you or oversell the use of social media. Only work with you to understand your needs and the needs of your business and work alongside with you to accomplish this.
Owner Operator
ACC is owned and operated by Jenn Capezza. A born and bred Long Islander, raised by parents who owned multiple small business. It is no wonder she found herself inspired to strike out on her own.
Jenn's experience is quite diverse. Originally starting out in the special events and live theatre industry as a production manager. Transitioning from there to work in special events for nonprofits.

While working for local nonprofits in education, outreach and development departments, social media marketing was a main focus. This is where she saw the potential available to local agencies to maximize on the power of using their voice on these venues.

And All CAPZ Consulting was born.

Additional Experience

Jenn holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts, with a concentration in Design Technology from SUNY Purchase College as well as a Masters in Public Administration from LIU Post.  

Her work experience runs from live theatre and special events going back to High School, all the way through sales, retail, fundraising, public speaking and training.

She is well known for her plain speaking , bright sense of humor and even some rule breaking when necessary.
She is a passionate advocate for what she believes in, and extends that passion to each and every one of her clients. It is her goal to lift you up, grab hold of your potential and run with it.  

We at ACC look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals for yourself and your business.

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